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Our Story

We were situated in a relatively well-known film complex in Cape Town. Late one Friday afternoon as the week virtually calmed down, one of the film directors rushed into our offices hastily explaining that he had wine in his office that immediately needed some urgent attention. He requested labels to be designed, printed and then get stuck onto these bottles. These would then have been given to everyone involved with the movie as personalised thank you gifts. Our web designer, Hailey explained that this was not our area of expertise and that we would prefer not to deliver something that neither we nor the receivers might be proud of.

The director pleaded for Hailey to give it a go and that this needed to be done before his intended gift receivers caught their flights back home later that very evening… A few weeks later, the director came back for more personalised labels for parties that he was about to host. These personal wines were also intended to be given away as gifts to the party’s important guests. It soon became evident that the response was too significant to ignore.

Here we are today, fantastic wines with great personalised wine label designs at a re-order rate that remarkably speaks for itself. Bay Point Trading acts on behalf of some of the best wine estates in the region and continuously works to supply and deliver some of the finest local wines from our affiliated wine estates here in the Cape. We willingly book appointments for wine tastings at the selected wine estates and ensure that the wine maker is present for a thorough tour through the entire property, should our clients request it.

Wine education is key and the greater the wine knowledge, the greater the support to this wonderful South African industry.

We try to keep things very simple at Personal Wine. No usernames, passwords and key phrases. No online credit card authorizations. No forms to be completed or application processes. You don’t even have to tell us about your favourite food or meal to be able to log an order.

Quite simply WE CALL YOU and when you want more, YOU CALL US!